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Building Renovations

Many people in the Ireland today are choosing to renovate existing buildings, rather than building new ones. This is a wonderful “green” way to have your dream home or office while saving on the number of natural resources that must be used. If you have ever thought about renovating an existing structure, King Group, CES is the company to call. They can help you convert an old barn, an office building, or even an existing petrol station into a home. Many companies have even taken old, dingy warehouses and converted them into modern office space.

King Group, CES Can Complete the Entire Job

Unlike some companies that do part or bits and pieces of a renovation project, King Group, CES can complete the entire task. They hire technicians in every aspects of the renovation process. Whether you need plumbers, painters, or electricians, King Group, CES have it covered. They can take you from the drawing board to the move in and in a timely manner. This makes it much easier for the customer when they only have to deal with one company and make one call to ask questions. With some companies, you may not even have control over who is working on your structure.

Time Honored Tradition of Excellent service

Over the past three generations, King Group, CES has focused on not only building a customer base, but also on building a repeat customer base. The way they ensure every customer returns time and time again is by providing excellent service. When you call some companies to ask a question, you may not even receive a follow up for days. With King Group, CES, they return every call promptly and are willing to meet with the customer at any point to discuss any questions or concerns. Give them a call anytime and King Group, CES will be happy to help.

Risk Free Quotes

King Group, CES is glad to offer risk free quotes for each project you are considering. They can come out to your building and walk you through what needs to be done to convert your building. King Group, CES then provides you with a written quote of how much the process will cost and the time frame that will be required. You can then make a comparison with other companies to find out that King Group, CES has the best service around.

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For further information on Building Renovations call King Group CES on 045 840116 or click here to complete our free online enquiry form.

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Building Contractors Kildare & Dublin
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