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home-energy-grantsHome Energy Grant

The Home Energy Saving Scheme or HES of SEI offers substantial home energy grants to a retrofitter of a particular building. These incentives are however subject to a few reasonable and very easily complied conditions.

What is HES?

The HES scheme as currently implemented is a nation wide program with an idea to encourage owners of existing old buildings to retrofit their homes with higher energy performance and also making them sustainable.
This program is managed by the Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI).

What are the Home Energy Grants available under this scheme?

The HES Scheme provides up to approximately 2/3rd of the total cost of retrofitting subject to;

  • A BER Certification with its advisory report is obtained initially by the home owner.
  • Carry out the recommendations of the Advisory Report to improve the home energy performance.
  • Obtain a revised BER and an Advisory Report on completion of the Retrofitting which would show the improvements to the energy performance and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

If the above is inline with the requirements of the HES Scheme administrators you will be entitled for the above substantial financial grants to offset some your retrofitting costs.

What are the key areas of improvement BER and Advisory Report emphasis for Home Energy Grants?

The components of the building considered in a BER assessment are;

  • Wall construction
  • Roof construction
  • Floor dimensions
  • Window and Door sizes and their orientation
  • Type of construction
  • Insulation level
  • Ventilation and air tightness
  • Supply System and the equipment used for space heating and Hot water.
  • Use of Renewable Energy for heating
  • Distribution of the HVAC systems and its controls
  • Type of Lighting
  • The annual power consumption of the above items

All the above areas are affecting the energy performance of any building. Therefore improvements in these areas are critical in order to reduce your homes energy wastage and also reduce your energy bills.

Services by King Group CES

King Group CES along with their associates is a major provider of services related to the issue of Home Energy Grants, BER certification etc such as;

  • Permission and “as built” Design guidance pertaining to Building features related to BER assessment.
  • Obtaining for you the services of registered BER assessors
  • Supply, install and commission Heating Ventilating and air conditioning equipment and systems.
  • Supply and install Insulation, moisture barriers, attic insulation, and windows with double layer glazing with inert gas fill or low emission glass.
  • Free information regarding BER Certification, Advisory report, HES Scheme and the grants available for retrofitting under this scheme etc.

Contacting us
For further information on HES managed home energy grants, BER and Advisory Report please contact us on callsave 045 840116 or complete our free online enquiry form…click here

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