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Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps

In Heat Pumps options available as far as Sources and Sinks are concerned are three fold. The following list shows these;

  • Air as a source of heat and sink
  • Water as a source of heat and sink
  • Earth as a source of heat and sink

Air as a Source of Heat and Sink

Air is an excellent source of heat energy and also a sink for same. An air source heat pump comprises of an air conditioning system working in reverse. In selecting or designing an Air Source heat pump there are two major factors to be considered.
That is;

  • Temperature variation in a given locality
  • and, Frost Formation

As the outdoor temperature decreases the heating capacity too decreases. It is critical to find a suitable heating capacity without over sizing the indoor cooling capacities.

Frosting of coil impairs the performance of the Heating Process. When the humidity is high the frost formation may too be high. Therefore defrosting every 20 minutes or so may be necessary.

Water as a Source of Heat and Sink

Water is a good source of geothermal heat and heat sink.

  • Well water is particularly suitable being with a consistent temperature of about 10 0C. In certain regions Water quantity is a critical factor. But if re injected to the regions of origin the quantity, will be more or less unaffected.
  • Water quality is critical because depending on the location the amount of Total Dissolved solids (TDS), Gases (including steam) and Mixtures of all these may seriously impair performance of a Heat pump. High TDS may lead to excessive scale formation and corrosion.

Earth as a Source of Heat and Sink

Transfer of Thermal Heat stored in the earth’s surface through buried coils for domestic heating has been in use for ages. The quality of soil varying from Clay to Sandy is important in the process. The sandy soil is better suited for ground to water (or air) heat energy transmission.

In general earth coils usually spaced horizontally between 0.9 to 1.8 spacing are buried in a depth of about 0.9 to 1.8m below surface. Though lower depths may be more productive the economics may not be in favor.

King Group CES can assist you in retrofitting your Heat Pump System.

We provide the following services;

  • If you are retrofitting your home energy utilization systems HES scheme of SEI offer a number of incentives. Free information will be provided by us for your convenience.
  • We will carry out retrofitting the Heat Pump installation in compliance with the home’s BER certificate Advisory report.

Contacting us
For further information on retrofitting your home Heat Pump system please contact us on callsave 045 840116 or complete our free online enquiry form…click here

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