BER Certification

BER or a Building Energy Rating Certificate is a slightly more sophisticated energy label applied to a dwelling or a building similar to that currently being used to indicate the energy performance of domestic electrical appliances. It also shows how sustainable the particular building is. This it does by comparing the energy usage of the building against that of a notional Irish family unit.

BER Certification is compulsory for most of the dwellings and buildings according to the regulations in force since mid 2008. If you intend buy or rent out a property you may be entitled for it now and it’s worth your while to request for same from the owners or their agents and look in to it seriously.

What you will see in a BER Certificate

A BER Certificate assigns a rating on a scale of “A” to “G” and a color code for each rating. Each of these gradings is assigned a color code (which is indicated in the image on this page) and also a specific energy consumption level in kwh/ m2/yr. In addition BER also indicates a rating for the CO2 emissions due to your building in kg CO2 per m2 per year.

BER Assessors

There are specialized energy assessors who have been registered with the SEI (Sustainable Energy Ireland). SEI is also responsible for the training, registering and monitoring the assessors, maintaining the integrity of the Scheme, receipt of loggings of BER assessments, publishing the BER approvals in the National register and the ongoing management of the Scheme.

SEI also maintains an on line list of registered BER assessors who are the only authorized specialists for carrying out such assessment.

What is the basis for BER assessment?

BER is a certificate that is issued with the intention of providing a guide line to any prospective building buyer or a tenant, what they will be in for as far as energy bills are concerned if they go ahead with their purchase or renting. The accompanying Advisory Report gives an idea what they or the property dealer can do to improve the situation.

The attributes of a building considered in the BER assessment are:

  • Roof, wall and Floor dimensions
  • Window and Door sizes and orientations
  • Construction type and level of insulation
  • Ventilation and Air leakage
  • Usage of Renewable Energy and Heating system in use
  • Distribution and control of the lighting system

The energy consumption and CO2 emissions for the purpose of a BER certification is referred to in terms of Annual usages and the resultant annual emissions.

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