Wind Energy Systems

Wind Energy Systems are a convenient and economical renewable source of energy in Ireland. While throughout the country adequate wind flow is available especially along the western coast the free source of wind energy is available in abundance during most part of the year.

How do you harness the Wind Energy?

To harness the stored energy of blowing wind one must use Wind Turbines. Wind turbines are not new to Europe in that in most parts these in the form of wind mills have been in use for centuries. The modern version of wind turbine incorporate;

  • Multi Blade Rotor (propeller) which converts the kinetic energy of the wind to rotary motion
  • An Electricity Generator
  • A two or multi sped gear box with flexible couplings
  • A tower of adequate height
  • Electrical cabling, switch gear and controls

The Rotational movement of the turbine blades is transmitted to the Alternator (Generator) shaft through the gear box. The rotation of the alternator rotor generates electricity which is proportional to the wind speed and the rotational velocity of the turbine.

Wind speed is not constant. How will this affect Power generation?

The fluctuating wind velocity is minimized at higher elevations and this is the reason for tall towers to house the Turbine. Seasonally, especially in the summer there may however be a drop in wind velocities and pronounced fluctuations in that too. Therefore supplementing by grid supply may be necessary. In the colder seasons however the wind speeds are high and some times may be excessively so. The free electrical power generated could be utilized for winter heating, hot water systems and other domestic power requirements direct. In the alternative a battery bank may be used to store DC power which would supply the domestic AC power requirements through an inverter circuitry.

King Group can help you with retrofitting your home electricity supply

We are a widely recognized supplier of renewable energy supply systems including Wind Turbines. In fact it is one of our specialties. We will provide:

  • Free information on the HES scheme and the grants available.
  • Obtaining services of BER assessors
  • Analyze the wind maps of your location
  • Calculate Power needs of your home
  • Select and supply the most suitable wind turbine system for you to comply with the BER advisory Report.
  • Install, test and commission, connect to the power grid mains (or battery banks)
  • After sales service and maintenance

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