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We are a leading supplier of energy efficiency improvement products in Ireland who offer a wide range of solutions in home Insulations suited for a variety of applications.

What is the role of Insulation in your home?

The purpose of home insulations is primarily to provide a comfortable living environment be it temperature or humidity. What ever the material you use it should necessarily provide the following benefits to you.

Home Insulations would provide good resistance to Heat inflow in the summer or outflow in the winter to your home. This property is called the R value of the insulation material and is normally marked on the material. It helps you to decide how good it is at its job.

The Home Insulations would incorporate a barrier to the ingress of moisture to your home environment. Moisture promotes mold growth in the winter, add heat load and raise indoor humidity in the summer.

It should not only insulate your attic and out side walls but should encompass the total building envelope. (It is however not necessary to insulate the floor as there is no significant loss or gain in heat in this area).

The insulation material should be durable and long lasting. This will make it more cost effective, create less disposal problems, and in terms of energy of production, sustainable.

Should exhibit good sound insulating properties.

Last but perhaps the most important to you is that, it should provide substantial reduction in your home energy costs year after year.

What are the Home Insulation Solutions we provide?

  • Home Insulations such as Fiber Glass wool, Slag Wool and Rock Wool material offer you the following benefits;
  • Home Insulations have High R value. They can be used in any part of the building envelope
  • We offer the option of Aluminum Foil and Kraft paper vapor barrier in your home insulations against moisture ingress
  • Home Insulations are environmentally friendly material of sand and recycled glass. The sand itself is an abundant resource considered sustainable. The insulation also contains up to 40% of recycled glass and is therefore doubly sustainable with reduced energy consumption in production. This also results in low CO2 emission to the environment
  • Home Insulations are fire resistant without any chemical being added, exceeding the level of the rest of the building walls and conform fully to the local fire regulations
  • Home Insulations are resistant to rodents and vermin attack and do not encourage their presence as well
  • Disposal of our home insulations do not contribute to environmental pollution as they are made of natural material such as Sand and retain the chemical structure unaltered in the finished product. Their durability makes bulk disposals far and between anyway
  • Fiber Glass Wool and similar Home Insulations offer excellent sound absorption properties as the raw material is the same as in conventional sound insulation applications
  • Home Insulations are cost effective per unit thickness and unit area of coverage. There are several fixing techniques used which require medium level skills and therefore are reasonable in cost in comparison with other material

What is the General Cost involved?

The cost of insulation varies with different material, thicknesses, options included, and locations and techniques used in installation also differ.

Contacting us
For further information or an accurate estimate on Home Insulations callsave 045 840116 or please complete our free online enquiry form. Click Here.

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