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Woodchip Burners

Wood Chip Burners

Wood is a renewable source of fuel used probably since the day man discovered how to make a fire. Wood Chip burners use the same age old technique in a new dressing to help you tide over the ever escalating energy cost and the current economic crises.

What is a wood chip burner?

A wood chip burner is a stove or a boiler which uses wood chips which is a waste product of logging and timber processing mills. Nowadays the wood chip burners use high tech features like Microprocessor controls, efficiency monitoring and controlling etc.

Are wood chips environmentally friendly fuel?

Yes of course! Wood chips contain the energy derived from solar energy through photosynthesis. If unused wood chips will end up in land fills, or rot due to bacterial and fungal action. This natural process in fact produces more potent green house gases than CO2.

Are gasification boilers, wood pellet and briquette burners also wood chip burners?

 In a sense they are also wood chip burners because all use waste material of logging and timber processing. Wood chip is used “as is,” making it much cheaper than other wood-based fuels, such as briquettes and pellets, which are manufactured.

A wood pellet burner or a gasification boiler too can accommodate wood chips for its operation.

Types of Chip Burners

There are two types of wood chip burners. i.e.

·    Radiant Ceramic Wood Fired Stoves and,
·    Wood Fired Boilers

The Ceramic Wood Fired Stoves provide comfortable indoor temperatures at lower temperatures through radiant heat. They are also available in different designs and sizes to suit the space to be warmed. The stoves are made of ceramic refractory material with long paths for the flames. The radiant heat is stored in the refractory area that is provided which re radiates slowly to the room space.
The efficiency is about 70%.

If water heating is required a chip burning boiler should be used,

A wood chip burner boiler can vary in sizes 15 kw to 550 kw as suited for a variety of domestic and commercial usages. The Wood chip burner uses high tech designs and components. The use of Microprocessors and sophisticated sensors can provide you efficiencies up to 90% with clean green technology. These are suitable for, from interior heating to supplying the hot water demand of your house.

How convenient is it to use wood chips in your burners?

Simply put, it is as convenient as oil fired or gas fired boilers. This is due to the sophisticated controls and regulation producing high efficiencies and emission control. A Good ventilation system complying with the local building codes is important for safety and health reasons. Fortunately all these are taken into account when initially installed and mechanisms are mostly automated. Some stoves come with built-in air supply systems and regulating dampers.

To get the optimum results with little ash and residue the humidity level of wood chips need to be maintained below 20%. Therefore wood chip fuel should be stored in dry stores. Purpose made moisture tight enclosures are also available from the equipment suppliers themselves accordingly.

King Group CES can provide the following services with regard to your requirements

We will provide:

·    Free information on HES and HES grants, BER certification and assessments, application  for concessions etc
·    Design Supply and installation of High Efficiency Heating, Cooling and ventilating equipment and controls including Chip Burners, Pellet Boilers, Gasification Boilers, under floor heating etc.
·    All  other related services

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