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Most of the buildings in Ireland today lack adequate attic insulation. The irony of it is that it is it is relatively easy and inexpensive to add insulation to attics in existing buildings than in any other area.  Improving attic insulation is an excellent way to make long-term savings and improve the heat and comfort levels of your home. If an attic does not contain 300mm (12 inches) of attic insulation, up to 35% of household heat could escape making it more costly to heat the home.

If your attic has already been insulated you may want to improve its performance and bring it up to current building standards.  Insulating a standard attic simply involves lining the floor of the attic with a highly thermal efficient insulation, it can be rolled out in layers or blown as loose material into the floor space.

We install a high density insulation that maintains its insulation properties over time and is also rodent resistant.  When insulating the attic we lag the pipes and tanks and can install folding attic ladders, walkways or storage areas.  This only takes a day to complete and our experienced installers will cause no disruption to the homeowner.

Attic Insulation

Types of attic insulation

Ceiling Level Attic Insulation

In Homes with pitched roofs and a vacant attic space the most cost effective method is to install two layers of quilted insulation in opposite directions on the floor of the attic.  A second method available is to install blown fibre insulating material or spray foam insulation.

Rafter Level Attic Insulation

In Homes where the attic space is converted insulation is installed between the rafters of the roof which creates a warm attic space.  Ceiling level and rafter level insulation can be used together where an existing attic space is converted.  Spray foam insulation is also an option at rafter level.

Flat Roof Insulation

Flat roofs can be insulated outside or inside.  Usually installing insulation with new plaster board slabs and a vapour control layer is the most cost effective solution for flat roofs.  If you live in an apartment and are experiencing heat loss it may be beneficial to install this form of insulation at ceiling level to stop heat rising through the ceilings to the benefit of the floor above.

What are the Main Benefits of Attic Insulation?

By simply insulating your attic you can reduce heat loss by around 35% with immediate savings on your heating bills, the insulation is maintenance free, is installed in one day and is  very cost effective.

What are Typical Costs of Attic Insulation?

Typical cost of installing attic insulation for a 3 bed semi-detached house is €600 and there is a potential SEAI grant of up to €300  (terms and conditions apply).

With a variety of grants available from The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland to assist towards the cost of insulation for houses built prior to 2006, it is a good idea to take advantage of this benefit as soon as possible.

The Following Process Applies -

  1. One of our insulation surveyors will visit your property to complete a thorough survey. The surveyor will ascertain the most suitable form of attic insulation for your home
  2. The surveyor will provide a detailed quote for carrying out the work as well as inform you of any grants that you may be entitled to
  3. A convenient time for the work to be carried out will be agreed with you
  4. Our Installers will insulate the attic to the surveyors specification.
  5. If required our installers will lag the pipes and tanks in the attic.
  6. We can install attic ladders, walkways or storage areas as requested.
  7. The installation normally takes a day to complete. You can now enjoy a more comfortable and energy efficient home while saving money on your heating bills!

Insulate Now & Save

For further information on attic insulation please contact us on callsave 045 840116. or complete our free online enquiry form… click here

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