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Geothermal Systems

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Geothermal Heating

Heat is stored in the earth which is generated into geothermal power.  Throughout the world, including Ireland the earth is saturated with geothermal energy.  This energy is absorbed from sun rays, which constantly penetrates the earth’s surface.  This heat source can be tapped into, to harness and channel it into buildings, which drives the heating system.  This energy which is generated into geothermal power is 100% renewable.

Expert consultants and engineers work together with environmentally aware homeowners to bring down the costs of geothermal heating systems.

A geothermal system taps into the earth’s temperature; this is then channelled through a circuit of direct thermal interchanges from the earth to the heat pump.  This heat is then channelled to water cylinders and radiators throughout the building.

All of this can be achieved by using approximately 25% of the normal electricity used to run a conventional heating system.


Advantages of a Geothermal Heating System

  • Environmentally Friendly; Geothermal heating is a form of renewable energy.  It is a sustainable source of energy and complies with Irish Legislation.  This form of heating makes homes up to 22-25% more energy efficient, whether from improved insulation or using renewable energy.
  • Versatile; The applications can be adopted either wholly or in a combination form.
  • Energy & Cost Savings; One of the greatest benefits of geothermal heating is cost savings. In comparing geothermal heating systems to that of conventional heating systems it has been found that there is an energy saving of 70% due to a low consumption of electricity and minimal maintenance costs.
  • Simplicity & Comfort; This system provides a host of functions which includes allowing dehumidification, heating, cooling and provides water for homes.
  • Reliability and Experience Guaranteed; In Ireland and the UK geothermal heating systems are relatively new, but in other countries heating systems have been used for many years in countries such as the US, Japan, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden and Germany.  It is a low maintenance system and is inexpensive to maintain.

Geothermal Systems

Geothermal Systems use as the name implies thermal energy available on the surface and the depths of the earth. The sources of geothermal energy are so vast it is considered inexhaustible in the foreseeable future and thus renewable energy.

Sources of Geothermal Energy

The sources of geothermal energy are as follows;

  • Hydrothermal reservoir
  • Hot Dry Rocks
  • Geo pressure Brines
  • Magma (Molten Rock)
  • Surface Thermal Energy

Hydrothermal Reservoir

Of the above listed hydrothermal reservoir geothermal system is the most important from a mega geothermal power generation point of view. What it means is that underground hot water or Steam resources are utilized to drive turbines for power generation. Water is a very easily handled medium and at reduced pressures flashes to usable steam to generate electrical power.

Geo pressure Brines

The geo pressurized liquids are rich in greenhouse gas methane and also exist only at great depth. The economic viability is therefore very low with the available current technology.

Hot Dry Rocks

In Dry Rock Geothermal systems the rocks are fractured and water is sent through which pick up the thermal energy and flashes Steam which drives turbine power generators. The technology is not perfect and therefore is not commercially viable.

Magma or Molten Larva

The problem with magma is the excessive temperature which prevents it being used in general applications.

Surface Thermal Energy

This is one of the most common forms of domestic geothermal systems. The hot surface of the earth is at least 7 degrees “k”. The surprising thing is that surface thermal energy has been utilized over the centuries for Home heating requirements. The technique is to tap in to the vast resources of earth’s thermal heat generation. The necessary geo thermal power is available for at up to about 2.5 m level depth of the surface. The energy is absorbed solar radiant heat which is automatically renewed daily.

Shallow water circulating heat exchanger coils are buried under the Earth’s surface which absorb the thermal heat energy from there and transferred to your home. The applications are home heating, green houses etc.

Advantages of Surface geothermal systems

  • The source of heat is daily replenished by radiant solar energy and therefore is inexhaustible.
  • Available free for your home heating and hot water needs.
  • Do not need high-tech equipment and the systems employ basic technology.
  • Source of heat is available through out the year irrespective of the season.

The draw backs of Surface Thermal Energy

  • You got to have a backyard garden or adequate open area in your land to burry the fairly extended heat exchanger coils.
  • Additional pumps and control gear are necessary .Generally an additional heat exchanger is also necessary at the home feeder point. In the alternative radiators in the conditioned space is necessary.
  • Initial cost of installation is high (but the pay back period is generally short though).
  • The hot water is with low grade heat specially so in the cooler regions of the country.

King Group CES supply Geothermal Systems for your needs

The following services are supplied by us;

  • Free HES scheme information.
  • Registered Assessors for BER certificate and Advisory reports
  • Surface Geothermal Heating systems
  • Heat Pumps, heat exchangers, radiant heaters, lagging, insulated piping, controls etc.

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