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Triple Glazed WindowGlazing brings out the aesthetic beauty of your house

But in the fight against building heat load, windows and doors fitted with traditional single pane glazing is a major draw back. In order to minimize the solar heat loads and the solar transmission heat loads use of double glazing has become more and more popular in modern houses.  It is through the windows of a building that most heat is lost.  This is because heat escapes more readily through glass than other building materials.  Given the same area of window and wall, the window will allow eight times more heat to escape.  Therefore it is extremely important that your windows are as efficient as possible.

 What is double glazing?

Also called Insulated Glass, Double Glazing comprises of two glass panels.  An inert gas which does not conduct energy is inserted between two glass panels, so that the heat energy is prevented from passing through significantly. The gap between the two panels in Double glazing contains a spacing which is normally 12 mm to 20 mm deep. The inert gases that can be used are Argon, Krypton & Xenon. But the most popular is Argon due to its economy.

Then what is low emissivity Glass?

Low emissivity glass is also a type of Double Glazing which has a coating of low emissivity in the inner side of one glass pane. This does not require the filling of Argon gas.

Why should we retrofit our windows and doors with double glazing?

From a point of view of energy optimizing your aging home, the necessity for using double glazing windows or doors is a foregone conclusion. Statistics show almost 15% – 25% of heat is lost (or gained as the case may be) through glass doors and windows. Other useful features of double glazing windows and doors are better safety, energy savings, better acoustic properties, style & design, attractive glasses & frames of modern material. The last but not the least important feature is that it is easy to install.

The Resistance to heat transfer is measured by the R value which is about 1 in single pane glass. This improves to about 7 in the case of Double Glazing saving quite a lot of Thermal Energy in the winter and also considerable electricity in the summer.

What assistance can King Group CES provide in this context?

We can provide:

  • Free Information and Guiding regarding the HES program and its benefit, how to apply to participate in the HES, obtaining the services of SEI listed BER assessors etc.
  • Retrofitting your building envelope, including windows, doors, skylights etc. using recyclable frame material or timber and double glazing
  • Retrofitting all Heating, Air Conditioning, ventilation, water pumping, hot water services etc. for optimized energy usage
  • BAS (BMS) control systems for automation of Building Services for system management and optimized energy usage
  • Alternative Energy Systems such as Wind Turbines, Solar Panels, CHP s, Wood Pellet Boilers, Gasification Boilers, Heat Pumps, Geothermal Energy etc.
  • Energy efficient Lighting systems
  • All other improvements to your house to obtain highest energy savings and high BER indices that qualify your home for the HES grants

Contacting us
For further information on Double Glazing and Weather Stripping please contact us on callsave 045 840116 or complete our free online enquiry form…click here

Building Contractors Kildare & Dublin
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