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heating-systemsHeating systems

Heating systems are very important here in Ireland. With the long cold winters, it is imperative to have a reliable source of heat. After all, your heating system keeps you warm and ensures that you have hot water for showers, laundry, and dishes. Legal ordinances have changed quite a bit over the last fifteen years and King Group, CES can help you keep up to date on these rules. Luckily, with these changes newer and more energy efficient equipment is now available for your building.

Save Money with a New Heating System

Replacing your existing radiator or boiler can greatly reduce the amount you will pay for heat. Today’s heating systems are over 50% more efficient than those available twenty years ago. In many cases, the amount you save on energy cost will cover the cost of replacement within a few years. You can often have a much warmer home or office for only a fraction of the cost.

King Group, CES Ensures You Have the Right Equipment

The size of your equipment is very important. If your heating system is too small, your rooms will not be warm and you will pay higher energy bills as your system tries to keep up. However, a heating system that is too large can also raise your energy bill higher than is necessary to heat your residence or office. At King Group, CES, we custom fit your new system to your structure. We can use blue prints of your building or take measurements to ensure the equipment you purchase is the right size for your home or office.

Maintenance Is Imperative to Keep Your System Working

In the same way your automobile requires maintenance, your heating system does as well. It is much cheaper to prevent a problem than to have one fixed. With the King Group, CES, maintenance plans you will receive a variety of benefits including checkups to make sure your system is operating properly. In most cases, adjustments can be made to your heating system to help cut down on your energy costs.

King Group, CES Does It All

Whether you need a new system for a structure you are building or a replacement of your existing heating system, King Group, CES has it covered. We offer installation service as well as emergency repairs. You can trust King Group, CES to provide you with excellent service in a timely manner. They are here to help.

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