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Key Tips for Utilising Insulation / Energy

The level of insulation in walls can be increased in a number of ways.  The length of time it takes to recuperate these costs is dependent on a number of key factors including the thickness, quality and type of existing insulation.  The most popular systems of wall insulation are polystyrene beads (injected into a cavity wall), blown mineral cellulose fibre or rigid external insulation (outsulation) complete with a render or brick finish.  A specialist member of the King Group team can advise the homeowner on the most effective and suitable methods for their home.

A well-insulated attic can save the homeowner up to 30% on their home heating bill.  If the attic / loft insulation is currently less than 200mm then additional insulation should be added to bring it up to this level.  There are a wide variety of suitable materials which include polystyrene, multi-layered foil, rock wool, mineral wool, and cellulose fibre.  A member of the King Group team will advise you on which insulation would best suit your requirements.

To keep the water hotter for a longer period of time a lagging jacket on your hot water cylinder will remedy this and will pay for itself within 2-3 months.

In terms of replacing windows – double glazing is a must.  Much heat loss occurs from windows – this is especially the case if the windows are single glazed.  If the double glazing contains argon fill and low-emissivity glass then significant energy savings will be achieved.

Keep curtains closed at night and ensure that the curtains are placed behind the radiator to stop heat loss.

King Group CES can provide the following services with regard to your requirements

We will provide:

· Free information on HES and HES grants, BER certification and assessments, application for concessions etc.
· Design Supply and installation of attic insulation, high efficiency HVAC equipment and controls.
· All other related services.

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